Vendor Registration is Now Closed.
Join us this weekend for the November Black Friday Weekend Festival is Sa. & Su. Nov. 13 & 14th. See you soon!

Vendor Registration


Vendor FAQs & Options

The festival will be held in the parking lot of Military Circle Mall on the Virginia Beach Blvd side, across from Janaf Shopping Center, in between the McDonald's and 7-Eleven. 

Please take note of some important details below before registering:

  • DISCOUNTS: We are taking 25% OFF of the total ticket price for vendors who purchase tickets for both days of the festival.

  • REGISTRATION OPTIONS: There are three vendor ticket options:

    • 1 Day - Saturday,

    • 1 Day - Sunday, and

    • 2 Days - Saturday and Sunday (Please see the table below)

  • ALL VENDORS - Regarding Registration Purchases:

    • **SCAM ALERT**: It has been brought to our attention that there are scammers pretending to represent One Love Fest 757 Management. They are collecting payments via Cash App, PayPal etc. and then ghosting people. 

    • The ONLY contact people for One Love Fest Management 757 are Mrs. Sharetta Scott & Mr. Vernon Scott of TT's Park Avenue Mini Mart in Chesapeake, VA.

      • You may reach them via the contact form on this site, on Facebook, our One Love Fest 757 Facebook Group, and via InstagramIf anyone else says they are representatives of this event and/or direct you to other sources for information or to register - they are incorrect or may be a scammer; please let us know immediately.

    • You can only PAY to become a vendor for OLF757's events THROUGH THIS WEBSITE. One Love Fest 757 Management will NEVER accept cash payments or direct you to apps or websites such as Cash App or PayPal to collect vendor registration fees. 

    • Although upset by the awful scammer occurrences and sympathetic to those who have been scammed, One Love Fest 757 Management is in no way liable for any scammer occurrences. 

  • ALL VENDORS - Regarding Registration Sign-Up: We want to promote and celebrate your business! When you sign-up as a vendor, be sure to provide your full website and social media web addresses / links.

  • For example:

  • Please do not simply put your @name handle, just state what social site you're on, or provide a link that has several numbers instead of just your company name, etc. If you do not provide your web address in the format requested, it will not be showcased on our Current Vendors page along with your company information. Thank you so much for your cooperation!

  • We understand that not all small businesses have an online presence. That's perfectly fine! We will happily showcase your company name and what your business sells!

  • DISCLAIMER: Only LEGAL items in the State of Virginia are allowed to be sold at any One Love Fest 757 event.

  • ALL VENDORS - Regarding Equipment: Whether you have a food truck, food cart or a table display, you must provide your own set-up - electricity / generators, table, chairs, signage, etc.

  • Paparazzi Accessories Consultants: All slots have been booked. No additional Paparazzi consultants will be permitted. Please do not contact us asking for exceptions or reservations for our next event. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. Please join our One Love Fest 757 Facebook group to be notified first about future events. Thank you so much for your interest.

Additional Details / FAQs

  • We will provide FREE REFRESHMENTS - small snacks and drinks - to each registered, individual vendor (only) throughout each day of the festival.

  • Electrical Needs: For those who need access to power outlets, you will have to provide your own power source via a generator and gas. Small generator rentals are generally available from your local hardware store. Extension cords are not allowed.

  • Payment Collection: All vendors will be responsible for collecting their own payments. You will be responsible for the safekeeping of your payments / payment processors. By registering, you agree that One Love Fest 757 Management & Staff will not be held liable for any negative occurrences with the above mentioned.

    • A portable credit card processor may be the easiest and safest route. We've provided links here and here for your convenience to aid you in selecting the best option for you.

    • If you are going to utilize cash payments, please do so via having a cash box that can be locked, cash in all values present at the start of the festival each day (to ensure you have change for customers immediately), and a receipt book (in the event a customer wants a receipt).

  • Inclement Weather Policy: The One Love Fest 757 Fall Festival will take place in the event of light rain. If it rains heavily, we will reschedule the event for another weekend. We will not refund vendor registration ticket fees in the event of inclement weather.

  • Refunds: One Love Fest 757 Management will not issue refunds for the festival. All vendor ticket purchases are final.  

  • Specific Location Selection: Vendors may not currently select specific locations on the festival lot. 

  • Restroom Access: Restrooms will be provided by Military Circle Mall. 

  • Trash Receptacles: There will be locations to deposit trash outside of Military Circle Mall and provided by One Love Fest 757 Management. Please feel free to provide a trashcan of your own if you will be selling something that requires customers to throw items away.

Thank you for your interest!


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